Order Process

Thank you for taking the time to review our process. We look forward to working with you.

Order process…

Due to the volume of orders we receive, it is not feasible to place individual orders. We place one very large order and all confirmed items requested (even items listed as unavailable) are included.

We place our orders directly with the managers at both BC IKEA locations and are contracted to submitting our orders to IKEA by certain dates/times to ensure they are able to prepare them for our scheduled pick-up days/times. Scheduled pick-up dates subject to change.

Once our order is placed with IKEA, they will not allow us to add, remove, or change any items. Although the dates are subject to change, we are currently contracted to have our order submitted by Friday evenings/Saturday mornings prior to our scheduled pick-up dates.

Due to the current restrictions and the volume of trucks picking up orders, we are contracted to pick-up prepared portions of our order during allotted dates/times and are not able to process items until we return to our location. We typically receive our final load on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

Please see Policy and Terms of Service (link provided in quote email) for our Cancellation Policy.

Order deadline…

As we coordinate a large volume of orders each week, we have a deadline to ensure adequate time to process payments, coordinate delivery schedules for the entire island, and prepare our order to place with IKEA.

Although we have a set deadline each week, our orders do fill-up VERY quickly and we often reach our maximum capacity before the listed date/time. Our current deadline will always be included in any quote emails sent.

Quote requests received after our deadline typically are not included in that week’s order as often we’ve reached capacity or we’re finalizing in-progress orders and payments. Deadline subject to change with volume of each week’s order – please see quote email or email us for more details.

Once we are past our deadline, we are not typically able to make changes to confirmed orders. This includes, but is not limited to, requests for additional items, requests to remove items, changing the colour or size of items, etc. Deadline subject to change, depending on volume of requests each week.

Stock availability…

IKEA is experiencing a shortage in stock inventory due to very high product demand along with COVID-19 related factory shutdowns. We will do everything we can to acquire your items, however, we cannot guarantee stock availability.

We always include all requested items (even items listed as ‘out of stock’) on our order, as there is no possible way to know what will actually be on the shelf when the order is prepared. However, unfortunately, as there are 1000’s of customers shopping daily, in-store and online, there is no possible way to reserve items. All items are sold on a ‘whoever reaches them on the shelf first’ basis.

Because we are always at the mercy of IKEA’s fluctuating stock, if any items happen to be unavailable when they reach our ordered items on the shelf, we are happy to keep them on our list and continue trying each week until they have been collected (for no additional fees). Or, we can collect comparable alternate items on subsequent orders instead.

From our experience, you could be waiting a VERY long time for all items to be in-stock at the same time. For this reason, we always try to encourage our customers to place their order with us, let us collect what’s available and take advantage of our complimentary “continue shopping” service for any items that are not available during the initial shop.

Because we place our order with both locations weekly, we have a better chance of procuring popular items than the average shopper.

Please see Policy and Terms of Service (link provided in quote email) for our “Out of stock” Policy.

How to proceed…

Instructions on how to proceed are included in the quote email, all steps are required to proceed.

By confirming your order, you agree and accept our Policy and Terms of Service. Please see link in quote email and review before confirming your order.