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(ie. 3320 Jacombs Road, Richmond, BC V6V 1Z6)
*This calculator is a rough estimate for deliveries within Victoria and Nanaimo. If further then 20kms from our pick-up locations, the cost will be a minimum $30.00. Please email us with your address for an accurate quote.

Payment options

Payment of your Purchase Order for the pick-up of your items from popular Vancouver shops such as EQ3, CB2, or West Elm are required in advance of the shop date, unless arranged otherwise with Add2cart. Payment of your Purchase Order for any IKEA items are required in advance of the shop date, unless arranged otherwise with Add2cart. We accept Interac e-mail transfers, SQUARE, and PayPal to ensure your financial transactions are secure. These services protect your banking and credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When using these services, your financial information is never shared with us. Please note, we do not accept cheques.

1. Interac e-mail transfer

Safely send money directly from your bank account to our email address add2cart@live.ca without sharing any personal or financial information with us.

2. PayPal

Use your credit card via PayPal to send us payment. Please note all credit card transactions through PayPal have a 3% surcharge.

3. Square

Use square for credit card purchases. All credit card transactions through SQUARE have a 2.65% surcharge. Manual credit card entries have a 3.4% surcharge plus .15 cents.
  We do not accept cheques. Please contact us if you have gift cards or store credits you wish to use for your purchase. Our company is registered and will provide your home or office with a Purchase Order, business number and GST number.