A big THANK YOU to our wonderful and supportive customers who took the time to share their experience with us:

Thank you for going above and beyond with your customer service in placing my order and with a lot of computer technical issues on my part. Glad to recommend you. – B. R.
Want to give a huge thanks for the prompt and efficient service that the add2cart team delivered. I bought a large sectional on sale in Vancouver and had to get it to Sidney. Not only did they they do just that but they were extremely helpful in the process the whole way throughout. I would definitely use them again and I would recommend them if you have a large purchase you need to get to the island. Thanks guys! – K. P.
I had worked with Add2Cart in the past with my previous job in Vancouver, and I was fortunate enough to utilize their services shortly after moving to Vancouver Island. Their staff is incredibly friendly, communicative, and really go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. We are elated with our experience and cannot recommend Add2Cart enough! – M.E.
Thanks so much to both Kim and Chris for the great service. I really appreciated the assembly service and Chris was very prompt, efficient, and pleasant. A great business and I’d definitely use the service again. – P.K.
I just wanted to say thanks so much….your service is amazing! I was a little nervous at first as everything was done by email….but I’m definitely going to pass on your company to friends, family and co-workers – I’ve already started telling them about the great service! Your communication is fantastic….so quick ! Thanks so much again! – D.P.
Hi Kim – Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. The driver just set up a delivery time before my work shift. Who does that? I’m so impressed with the service I can’t even say. I’ll definitely be recommending your business to everyone. And what an ingenious idea it is. Thank you all for being so thoughtful and efficient!! – M.L
Boy, what a lucky day it was when I found add2cart on the Internet! Because of you I was able to shop for my home without having to make the trip to the mainland. Your way of doing business is so professional – super-efficient without exception, and very friendly. I am so thrilled with your service, and delighted that you are such genuinely nice people…….I look forward to doing business with you many times over!!! Many thanks Kim and Chris. – M.G
I have to say that this business really has it together! They do such a fantastic job… great communication and so friendly. Highly recommended! I have used their services twice now and totally amazed at their superior service. Such a rarity these days!! – J.S
Thanks for such a wonderful service!! Already put together my furniture and am enjoying it. I will definitely be recommending your service to others. Thanks again. – T.G
Thanks for your service ‘Add2Cart’, our goods were all received in good order and just when we needed. Love going to the mainland myself, but sometimes that just can’t happen! – E.M
I love getting deliveries from Add2cart!!  Is it weird that I love putting furniture together??! – P.M
Thank you guys so much for the exceptional service! I really appreciated how quickly you’d get back to me when I had questions and how incredibly quickly my couch ended up in my living room from when I contacted you. I would recommend your service to everyone and intend to use it myself again soon. Thanks for everything! – A.P
Thanks again for your assistance…and support!  Would definitely recommend your service to anyone needing a shopping fix. Take care. – T.W
I just wanted to say thanks so much for this great experience! I was a little apprehensive at first with the not-knowing….but I’m definitely going to pass on details about your company to my friends, family and co-workers – I’ve already started telling them about the great/speedy service! I’m wishing I had placed an order for more! So there will definitely be another order from me in the future! Thanks so much again! – K.B
I will order again because I am very happy with your service.  If there is someplace on your site that I can put a recommendation, please let me know. Please thank David for me.  The nicest delivery person I have ever met!  Until the next trip. – T.M
Well, if you won’t accept a tip, then please accept the positive feedback on great service.  From email to phone, to updates, your service is top-notch.  It’s missing from most retail experiences these days!  I know, as I used to run up to $13 million dollar stores for top brand retailers etc.  Thanks again. – J.D
Thanks again for doing such an amazing job. Your service is definitely top-notch. You are very courteous, professional and you continually went out of your way to make sure we were pleased. Everything was excellent from start to finish. We have already told lots of friends about your site. – A & G
Add2Cart has filled a need for Vancouver Island Consumers, and has done so in a timely, reliable, and cost effective manner. There is always a little trepidation in placing orders from new companies, but I was reassured to receive an immediate response to my concern regarding the details of the business, including its registration, and was kept up-to-date and informed every step of the way.  I will definitely be recommending this service to my friends and family. If there was ever an example of a local, small business that deserves your support, this would be it! Thanks. – R.R
Add2Cart provides a fabulous service to Vancouver Island customers and they are extremely efficient, reliable and cost effective. With the cost of driving to the mainland, paying ferry fees, gas, food, etc. Add2Cart makes shopping at popular retail outlets affordable and relaxing. I used them to pick up a couple smaller items at IKEA just before Christmas and they saved me so much. The crew also provides assembly service for items from IKEA and I am so thankful for that. We bought an IKEA wardrobe unit for a fabulous price from a couple who needed the room in their house but it didn’t have assembly instructions. I thought I could assemble it myself but it it huge and needs more than one person. I hired Add2Cart to assembly the wardrobe and I ended up helping Chantal as there is no way that one person could put the massive wardrobe together. Chantal was wonderful and when we ran into a glitch she contacted Chris to help out. I had to cancel his appointment due to family issues but after 6 weeks I contacted Add2Cart and Chris and his assistant stopped by around 8:00 tonight after a long day on the mainland. They figured out the problem and finished the installation at no extra cost. THANK YOU ADD2CART!! – L.H

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